God is our partner

Selection of perfect lady and perfect gentleman

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 God is our partner

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Gandhi’s favourite bhajan goes global,  

 Award ceremony to entrepreneurs and prominent personalities, multiple artists, dance and red folder

 Sneh Misra 


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Acceptance Speech of the Prime Minister Of India Narendra Damodar Modi and The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi in one of our Beverly Hilton Hotel events of FOSAAC in 2008

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Events and projects FOSAAC.ORG

Sneh Misra - Chairwoman FOSAAC 

America to participate in Kazakhstan to do businesses

 Artists from 124
countries recreate Vaishnava Jan To’

Speaker Grant Cardone

Beverly Hills 

 Tax ID #: 82-3270501

Dr. Prem Reddy wants more political involvement of Indians

Narendra Damodar Modi

Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi

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Equipo de FOSAAC y USGBF con trabajadores de primera línea para apoyarlos 

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